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The Bath House Co.

Peach Sugar Scrub

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Back by popular demand!
This fragrance smells like a freshly picked peach! Delightfully fruity and slightly sweet while still maintaining the fresh scent of peaches. Our current batch is a peach sugar scrub, the same beautiful, whipped soap with the addition of gently exfoliating sugar granules.  

This is not your typical body wash. Whipped soap is a masterful combination of shea butter and coconut milk soap designed to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.  Natural essential oils will elevate your mood with each use, helping to create a positive vibe and set the tone for your day. Safe to use on your hands, body and even while shaving this whipped soap is truly a spa like experience at home.

Simply apply a small amount to a loofa and treat yourself to luxury!